How to Have a Great Road Trip!

road trip

Just one stressful road trip can leave a poor taste in your mouth. But you can only sulk so long before it’s time to put those scary leather driving gloves on and hop back in the driver’s seat. Here are some tips on how to have a great road trip!

Unless you desperately need them, try turning your phones off and leaving them in the glove box. This might mean bringing a paper map but that only adds to the fun!

Break up the drive by playing fun road trip games! One of our favorites at L&L Motors is “Name That Tune.” Hum or whistle a melody and the other parties have to guess what it is. This can get especially interesting if any of the participants are tone deaf.

Eat local. Sometimes when you are on the road, the tendency is to try and make good time by cutting down on stops. Sitting down for a meal can eat up your time but remember—it’s not a race! Not to mention, you have the added benefit of interacting with locals. They can frightening or friendly but either way, it’s always interesting.

Most importantly, as the Huffington Post recommended, you should definitely “make a plan”…just not a “rigid one!” This is akin to holding a fragile bird in your hand. Tight enough to hold it but not too tight that you strangle the life out of it.


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