Ford’s Australia Production Ends

Ford’s Australia ProductionFord has been a main player in Australia’s automotive and manufacturing industry for nearly a century, but now the final Ford facility is closing its doors. While other carmakers like General Motors and Toyota are leaving Australia, Ford isn’t removing itself from the country entirely.

Ford’s Australia production had a 91-year run but, with the last model rolling off the Broadmeadows plant in Melbourne, that comes to an end as the year closes. 600 workers will lose their jobs.

The final model to roll off the line was a Falcon XR6 with a V6 under the hood. Nearly 3.5 million Falcons have been built since 1960, making it one of the Australia most popular models. Few Falcons were ever exported to other countries.

The final Falcon will find a home in the Ford Australia Museum.

Ford has cited high production costs, competition, and sheer distance from target markets as the reason for leaving Australia. The American carmaker will continue to service and sell imported models and engineers will design new vehicles to be manufactured elsewhere. In all, Ford will employ 2,000 people in Australia, ensuring that their presence will still be felt in communities abroad.

European Ford Sales Increase Significantly

European Ford SalesThere’s no brand more synonymous with American tradition than Ford, a fact that’s been true for nearly a century. Today, without losing any of its American quality or roots, Ford is making huge gains in the European automobile market.

European Ford sales are skyrocketing, growing 10% so far in 2015 in alone. In September, Ford vehicles had a total vehicle market share of a whopping 8.9%, being number two in passenger car sales and number one in commercial vehicle sales.

Ford commercial vehicle sales, as indicated by their number one position in the European market, have made enormous bounds. In 2015, Ford sales in Europe for commercial vehicles are up and impressive 26%.

Where are these monstrous sales taking place? Well, basically everywhere. Ford has increased its market share in 12 of its 20 European markets. This includes continental nations Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, as well as Turkey and the United Kingdom.

This is a great sign for Ford, but it’s also great news for American automotive engineering across the board.

Ford July Sales Up 5% — Best Since 2006

Ford Sales
The success of the Ford Fusion has helped Ford drive great sales in July.

The Ford Motor Company reported its best July since 2006 with total and retail sales up 5 percent last month, driven by the F-Series, Fusion, and Mustang.

A total of 222,731 vehicles were sold last month, with F-Series retail sales up 13 percent to deliver the pickup trucks’ own best results since 2006, even though transaction pricing is at all-time record (up $3,200 compared to last year).

SUV sales were up 11 percent year-over-year for the best result since 2005. Explorer, Edge, and Escape sales were up 27 percent, 17 percent, and 10 percent, respectively. This month’s sales marked an all-time record for the Escape.

Van sales were up 14 percent with a total of 16,090 vehicles sold, led by the all-new Transit, which was responsible for about half of these and led Ford commercial vans to a 15-year sales high.

Finally, Fusion and Mustang sales skyrocketed last July. The former was up 5 percent for its best July performance ever while the latter was up 29 percent, making it the most popular sports car in the country.

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