The Road Trip of a Lifetime: Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway

Photo by Ken Lund
Photo by Ken Lund

Hop in your new car and check out the Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway. This 68-mile drive consists of three different roadways, starting in Vernal, UT. Cutting right through the Ashley National Forest, you can experience a range of terrains, winding roads, and scenic views like nowhere else.

According to My Scenic Drives, this route is consistently voted one of the top drives in the region. Sometimes called the “drive through the ages,” you can see what the world was like before settlers arrived. The Byway goes through arid desert, aspen forests, and red canyon rocks, showing you the best of Utah.

Along the way you can see some truly fascinating exhibits and make some exciting stops. The Dinosaur National Monument is one of the prime sources for dinosaur bones in North America. With a visitor center and displays all across the canyon, you can see dinosaurs frozen in time right in the rock wall. Plus, there are scenic overlooks and whitewater rafting in the area.

The Byway will also take you past the Jones Hole Scenic Byway, a route that circles past a 2,000-foot-deep gorge. There is also a massive fish hatchery, hiking, and petrified forests in the area as well.

Whether you are a visitor or a Utah native, the Flaming Gorge-Uintas Scenic Byway is a must for any road trip. Simply get in your car and discover what makes this region so great.

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